Harry James Franks is Littlefoot's Son. He's the Best Friend of Hamm and his Account is Here. He's also a Very Good Friend of Eggboy, and is identical to Tyler. He ussually cries a lot, but is a really funny baby.==Personal Data:==*Full Name: Harry James Franks*Aliases: Hawy (By Hamm) Mini-Me (By Tyler) Bro. (By Steve) Herry (By Poppy) Baby Harry (By Lewis*Affiliations: The Gang, Franks Family, Daniel, Ryan*Familiars: Tyler (Dad) Hermione (Mom) Carl (Uncle) Lewis (Uncle) Freddie (Uncle) Jackie (Aunt) Anne (Grandma) Mr. Granger (Grandpa) Mrs. Granger (Grandma) Steve (Brother) Dots (Sister)*Birthday: April 16. 2012*Birdwarts House: Unknown, Possibly Gryffindor 

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